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The Belasco Theatre Company

The Belasco Theatre Company is a non-profit youth performing arts company. The community is eager to expand the performing arts platform to allow for more live theatre and a variety of other performing arts in Danville. The Belasco Theatre will offer a space to host larger-scale productions and a wider variety of programming. Not only that, it will fill the need for arts education that is less and less available in local schools by offering ongoing arts education programs. With the expansion of the arts in Danville, participants and patrons would be able to enjoy even more programming throughout the year!

Need for Performing Arts Center

Current State of the Arts in Danville

Danville is home to the Village Theatre, a beautiful, historic building which was built in 1913. Seeing as it is a historic building it has only undergone minor upgrades.  The theatre currently has structural issues including poor air circulation, very small wing space which restricts set design, and tiny dressing rooms that limit the cast size for its productions, and does not provide adequate or appropriate space for costume changes. Despite these limitations, The Village Theatre is booked out over a year and a half in advance, in fact, they turn away renters weekly, demonstrating the need for expanding access to quality theatre space  in Danville.

Diminishing Arts in California Schools

According to Rebecca Ratcliff of the Guardian Magazine “Funding cuts are...affecting the curriculum available to pupils, with one in 10 (9%) respondents reporting that either art, music or drama is no longer offered at their school. About 20% said that one or more of these subjects has been given reduced timetable space. With reduced access to arts education, our youth don’t have as many in-school opportunities to be exposed to the arts, especially at younger ages. According to a demographic study in August of 2005, the educational attainment is much higher in Danville than average. A high educational level is the primary indicator of participation in arts and cultural activities. With a new Performing Arts Center in Danville, the community would be able to explore, participate and be a larger patron of the arts.

Facility Uses

Three types of offerings at the center:

  1. Performances in the theatre (musicals, plays, karaoke, open mic nights, jazz, choir, dance etc.)

  2. Classes and rehearsals on the stage and in the studio spaces

  3. Professional lectures, meetings, movies, and presentations on the stage

Three spaces available to rent:

  1. Main Stage and audience

  2. Studio A - smaller rehearsals and classes

  3. Studio B - smaller rehearsals and classes

  4. Rotunda Lounge

  5. Entire Theatre (Main Stage, Studio A, B, and the Rotunda Lounge)

The Building 

There are three options for creating a Performing Arts Center in Danville. All three are being considered at this time and will be chosen based on the best foreseeable outcome.


500 La Gonda Way

There is a property at 500 La Gonda Way in Danville, CA, that has been sitting unfinished and vacant since 1997.  The original building was created with the sole intent of being a nonprofit performing arts center to serve the youth in our community. Because of this status the Belasco Theatre Company is uniquely qualified to take on this project as it fulfils this distinction as an active contributor to the east bay youth arts community for over 30 years. When completed, the 3 story Performing Arts Center will house a 277 seat theatre, two studio spaces allocated for classes and rehearsals, dressing and costume rooms, concessions, and an inviting pre-show and intermission lounge.


Existing Property Renovation

BTC will locate a property that is in a prime location and renovate it to become a Performing Arts Center.


New Build

BTC will determine where to build the Performing Arts Center and will level any existing property to construct a theatre from the ground up.

Want more details?

Read our case statement for more details on the Belasco Theatre Project

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